March 08, 2011

This weekend SHIFT 2 Unleashed heading out to Boston to attend PAX EAST!  Not only are we going to be there in our very own booth but we're going there in style.  We've got so much cool stuff lined up for PAX EAST it's ridiculous...

Ever played a racing game on a 103" plasma TV while racing in a D-Box set up?  If you're planning on attending you'll have the opportunity to because we're going to have two D-Box racing seats set up each with its own 103" plasma!  We'll have the D-Box's there all weekend so there will be lots of time to get some racing in and that's important because if you have a go at SHIFT 2 on the D-Box you'll entered into a draw to bring a D-Box racing set up home with you!  That's right, we're going to be giving away a D-Box at PAX EAST and all you need to do with enter into the draw is play the game.

That's pretty cool but what's even better is that 2010 Formula Drift Champion (and the voice of SHIFT 2 Unleashed) Vaughn Gittin Jr. is going to be stopping by the booth on Saturday from 1pm - 5pm.  You'll be able to game with him, get some tips on how to drive in SHIFT 2 (or in real life since he is a drift champion) and he'll be signing some cool swag if you want to have a keepsake from PAX EAST 2011.

But that's not all...we've also got three pairs of ASTRO A30 Headsets (with full accessories) to give away at the end of each day.  To win the Astro A30 Headsets you need to set the fastest lap time on the D-Box for the day.  We'll have a running leaderboard at the booth and at the end of the day the person with the fastest lap get a ASTRO A30 Headset.

Huge thanks to Astro for hooking us up with these headsets!  You can read more about Astro here, follow them on Twitter or join them on Facebook.

Finally, we've got some pretty sweet swag up for grabs.  If you pre-order SHIFT 2 Unleashed at PAX EAST we'll hook you up a pair of SHIFT 2 branded ear bud head phones and a t-shirt.

So if you're planning on being at PAX EAST, take some time to stop by the SHIFT 2 Unleashed booth.  If you can't make it, you can check out the coverage on, Need for Speed Twitter and on the NFS Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!