Pursuit of Perfection

Pursuit of Perfection

September 17, 2012

“I truly feel that our creations have souls. We have poured our hearts into them. You will feel it when driving one.” Christian von Koenigsegg

And we believe the same thing is true of Most Wanted. The Agera experience we offer is not a clinical recreation of the car repeating circuits of a race track. We’re trying to breathe life into the experience you dream of, when you think of the Agera.

Of course it’s about high speeds, extreme performance and beautifully balanced handling: the screech of rubber on tarmac, the sensation of exploding from zero to sixty in less than three seconds and the rush of hitting 273 miles per hour.

Koenigsegg Agera R

It’s also about getting the detail just right. Even down to the ghost logo that pays homage to the Ghost Squadron that originally flew fighters out of Koenigsegg’s Ängelholm base.

Agera R Ghost Insignia

But the name Agera means “to take action” in Swedish. And sensational action is at the heart of every great Need for Speed game.

In Most Wanted, you’ll experience the Agera R as you always wanted it: with your friends, pushing the car to the limit and beyond, nailing perfect 200 mile-an-hour drifts, outsmarting the cops and getting away with it in style.

And in Fairhaven, you’ll discover a city built for action. The game’s set up so you can take on your friends in practically everything you do. Autolog presents your record speeds, times, distances and chases throughout the game world alongside jumps, speed cameras, roads and jack spots.

Hit the longest jump through a billboard, and we’ll even display your profile picture in your friends’ games to rub it in.

Koenigsegg Agera R Most Wanted Billboard

To learn more about the Agera, check it out in our cars section and feel free to explore the rest of the cars in the game.