PAX 2011 Day Two - Wrap Up

August 28, 2011

Another day at PAX 2011 and it was a busy one!  The show started off with a rush of Need for Speed The Run fans all converging on the NFS booth right after the gate opened at 10am.  We had so many people come to the booth that we actually had to rope it off and get people to form a line just to get time on The Run.

We ended up having a line up for the entire day as everyone wanted to come out and get some time on Desert Hills.  We were also running a competition in the booth were people who were able to beat the race in three minutes or under got a USB key and key chain and a race on Independence Pass.  We had a bunch of people beat Desert Hills but only eight people were able to beat Independence Pass on their first try.  Regardless of whether people could beat it they were still amazed by the racing action in the level and loved racing it.

At the end of the day we had a draw for an Astro Gaming Wireless headset that people submitting entries for throughout the day.  Congratulations to Ricky who were yesterday's winner!  We walked away with the headset and was a pretty happy guy.  

Big thanks AGAIN to our friends over at Astro Gaming for hooking us up with these great prizes.  Be sure to stop by their Facebook page and check out all the other cool competitions they've got going on!

Most of the crew were not able to get out of the booth to check out the rest on the show but we were able to sneak off every now and then.  You can check out all of our photos from PAX on the Need for speed Facebook page.  

Also, don't forget to continue to re-tweet all of the NFS tweets for your chance to win a NFS The Run branded USB key and key chain.  We'll be announcing the winners tomorrow.

Now on to the final day of PAX 2011...