NITRO Track Guide: Dubai

December 30, 2009

The finale of our five-part series on the tracks featured in Need for Speed NITRO is live today: Dubai. When you visit the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, the street racer you take on is a young Lamborghini Reventon driver named Jawad.  Here are a few shots from the city:       Dubai being a perpetual construction site is well-represented in NITRO, with the cityscape showing off several buildings currently under construction.     It's not unusual to see highly-powered cars like this Lamborghini Gallardo on the streets of Dubai and in NITRO, be prepared for some tough races against the world's fastest cars.     Dubai features some tight corners, so the nitro and drift combination is a must if you want to get through some twisties unscathed.     If you're not too careful, you may attract some attention from the local law enforcement, many of whom are driving the stylish and fast Shelby GT500.   Here are the links to the previous four NITRO track guides: Madrid Singapore Cairo Rio de Janeiro