NFS World October 26th Maintenance Window & Release Notes (Patch 4.15)

October 26, 2010

The purpose of this maintenance window is to deploy the server / game patch 4.15. Please see Release notes below.

Two (2) hours

Start: 20:00 hrs (8:00 PM) PDT
End: 22:00 hrs (10:00 PM) PDT

Affected Users:
During the maintenance window, the servers will be offline and users will not able to log in and play Need for Speed World. Players who are already logged in and playing NFS World will be disconnected from the server and therefore, disconnected from the game.

Release Notes:

New Features
- New Worlds: 3 New World Regions have been added to the game, plus the new Palmont Highway
   - Downtown Rockport
   - Kempton
   - Fortuna
- New Events
   - 25 all-new race events spread throughout the new regions
- Halloween
This spooky update brings All Hallows’ Eve to Need for Speed World. Be on the lookout for ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons lurking throughout the world! Even the ‘rocket girl’ has been given a makeover.

Bug Fixes
- Post-Race screen now displays item icons correctly
- Fixed the ‘Joining Races’ tutorial tip so the text displays correctly
- Improved performance of the News feed when having a large number of friends
- Fixed a gradient issue with certain Halloween vinyls
- Multiple art improvements through the in-game world
- Fixed some missing/incorrect race barriers