Need for Speed Week in Review - May 13

May 13, 2011

Here we are on Friday, May 13. It's time for the Need for Speed Week in Review. 

It was a huge week for SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, with the announcement of the Speedhunters downloadable content pack, which will be available on Xbox 360 and - hopefully - PlayStation 3 on May 17 for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99. The fastest racing game around gets even faster with two exciting new racing modes, Standing Mile and Drag, 14 cars - with 12 specificially tuned by the leaders in car culture at Speedhunters - 3 new racing areas and 6 new achievements and trophies. The Legends Pack DLC is also currently available, so check that out as well. 

Also in SHIFT 2, we have the Dr Pepper Hot Lap and Photo Mode competitions still going on, so post a video response to NFSDrew's Hot Lap time, and send your photos of the Dr Pepper Chevrolet Camaro SS to #SHIFT2DrPepper for a chance to win prizes. 

The IE9 Fastest Wins Sweepstakes is tearing up the tarmac until May 15, so get your entries in before the deadline or prepare for disappointment. An Xbox 360 signed by the Need for Speed development team, 25 EA games for a year, and a Logitech racing wheel are up for grabs.

One last - but certainly not least - SHIFT 2 item is NFSCoulter's new 'Track Tips' video blog, where he goes into great detail to explain how to shave valuable seconds off your times in-game. He starts this week with Glendale East, which is the track you'll be tackling in the Dr Pepper Camaro for the third edition of the Hot Lap mentioned above. We want to hear what you think about these posts, so please leave a comment. 

This week in Need for Speed World, we had a chance to catch up with producer Marc De Vellis for the 35th edition of Ask Marc

Also, we did a World maintenance window on Tuesday, with one major development being the Dodge Viper as the newest SpeedBoost top-up car.  

Recently, we partnered with EA Mobile on Facebook to give away a BlackBerry PlayBook loaded with Need for Speed games, so be sure to enter that competition on the EA Mobile Facebook page

It was a big week for Team Need for Speed, with Matt Powers and Fredric Aasbo both making the top 16 in Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta. Larry Chen was at the track and had lots of shots from the event on our Facebook page, as well as an informative recap.   

In the 2011 FIA GT3 opener in Algarve, Portugal, Team Need for Speed emerged victorious in round one, taking both the first and second slots in the gorgeous Team NFS BMW Z4 GT3. Lots of outstanding photos from the event are here.  

What better way to wrap up the week in review with the 79th edition of the Need for Speed Podcast, which is now available on iTunes, our RSS feed, and streaming in the player below. This week, Drew, Greg, Coulter, and Kirk tackle the Speedhunters DLC for SHIFT 2, a little nugget about Need for Speed The Run, as well as all the news on World, Team Need for Speed, and the off-topic topic. Have an outstanding weekend!