Need for Speed Network- Part II

Need for Speed Network- Part II

November 30, 2013

Read Part I to learn more about Need for Speed Network.

OverWatch in detail and how it is paramount to the AllDrive experience:

In Need for Speed Rivals one of our main goals was to find new and exciting ways to connect players and help them play together.   When you are playing Need for Speed Rivals, AllDrive achieves this by helping players find each other in the world and then rewarding them if they stick together as they enter Races, Pursuits and other Events.  OverWatch takes this AllDrive concept even further by letting the friend who is sitting next to you on the sofa, or the friend that is away from the game compete with you in the AllDrive action by directly interacting with them in Real Time. Our main goal with OverWatch was to give our fans an experience away from the console so there is always some Need for Speed in your life, anytime anywhere. OverWatch is a really cool mini-game. It’s your chance to decide whether you want to help or hinder your friends while they play Need for Speed Rivals. Will you help them out by giving them some Nitrous? Or will you hinder them by dropping a helicopter into their game? Be the hacker in OverWatch – will you cross the line?

Dual Screen in detail and how in interplays with AllDrive: 

While you play Need for Speed Rivals on your console or PC, the Need for Speed Network will automatically detect that you are logged on and ask you if you want to enter Navigator mode. Navigator mode will follow your position in the world in Real Time and allow you to see the friends that are in your AllDrive multiplayer

You can use Navigator mode on your tablet next to you as you play the console or you can get a friend sitting next to you to use the Need for Speed Network as your second screen map. They can tell you where the nearest repair shop is or the nearest event and help you out by setting a waypoint to that location via Need for Speed Network which will automatically update your GPS on your console or PC.

As an added bonus you can also use OverWatch on yourself or on your friends while you are playing (give yourself some Nitrous or help out your friends in the same AllDrive session by giving them more Nitrous). All abilities used will be in real time and deploy straight into the game. It’s your choice as to whether you decide to help or hinder the players in the game.  These abilities include refilling or stealing Nitrous, jamming weapons and even sending in Police Helicopters and RoadBlocks in to disrupt the action. It’s up to you to play as the angel and help or play as the devil and hinder.

No matter what your true intentions are, OverWatch is a powerful companion to the game that definitely adds a whole new dimension of gameplay to Need for Speed Rivals.


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