Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PC Patch 2

December 03, 2010

We value our PC gaming fans as much as gamers on any other platform, and we're to make sure that you guys get the gaming experience that you deserve. The first patch, available in the downloads section, addressed some high priority issues. With the second patch, we're getting into the really nitty-gritty, picky stuff that make the difference between a good game, and a great one. Keep an eye out for it!

Here's the word straight from Criterion:

Good news for PC players as we look to make the experience even better for those who have reported difficulties.

We hope to have another update coming through shortly that will look to address the following:

  • Groundcover Graphical Errors
    When alt-tabbing, the groundcover would start to corrupt, causing random tree images to appear all over the screen.
  • Controller Configurations
    On some machines controller configurations that have been set up for wheels, pads, etc are not saving correctly to a configuration file. This is now fixed.
  • Rare crash when entering the Career map screen
    The game sometimes crashes when entering the Career map screen quickly after booting the game.
  • Rare crash when streaming graphical data
  • Steering response reported as having large dead zone
  • Player car engine volume too low  

There remains an outstanding crash affecting players with AMD / ATI Radeon graphics cards if they have overridden the AA settings in the control centre. This occurs as you pick an event in the map screen prior to the car select. 

Thankfully our friends at AMD/ATI have informed us that this will be fixed in the next release of AMD's drivers (10.12) around the second week of December.

Many thanks to the PC users who have reported problems and who have helped us investigate them further. We will update again when we know when the patch is likely to be with you all. If you find that you are having problems that are not addressed here or in the FAQ, please let us know by visiting

Criterion Games