Need for Speed Community Cruises Cologne

After a long week here at GamesCom, members of the Need for Speed community got to have some fun on the streets of Cologne.  It took some convincing and a bunch of permits but we were able to get the city to allow us to drive through Cologne in some very cool go-carts.

Last year, we went out go-carting but were confined to a closed circuit course; this year we hit the streets in a big way.  We had five really cool go-carts that were capable of hitting 100km per hour!  Because we only had five of them we had to take turns but each one of us got to cruise and it was tons of good fun.  At one point NFSCoulter was in a mini drag race with a sporting fellow in a Mercedes-Benz.

We all meet up at GamesCom which was absolutely packed!  I mean, it was shoulder to shoulder standing only and huge line ups to check out the games!  After finding out that the go-carts were stuck in traffic and would be a bit before they were dropped off we decided to chill up in the EA Community Lounge.  I quite enjoyed myself because I got to chill out with a bunch of guys from the Need for Speed community that I don't see very often.  However, the lounging was to be short lived because the go-cart had arrived!

After a quick safety lecture and making sure every knew the rules of the road we got to cruising.  We must have gone out for about three hours...even DJ Miki Taka and some of the Team Need for Speed Spokesmodel finalists got some time out on them.  It was so fun to rip through the streets and see the look on the faces of people we drove by.

We've got a bunch of photos from the cruise up on the Need for Speed Facebook page, click here to check them out.

Today was our final day in Cologne.  Coulter is already on his way home and I fly out tomorrow morning.  It was a great week and I can't wait to come back to the great city of Cologne next year.  Keep your eye on because we'll be posting up more great NFS The Run, NFS World and Burnout CRASH! content next week.