Most Wanted Racks Up Nominations At gamescom

Most Wanted Racks Up Nominations At gamescom

August 17, 2012

The lines at the Most Wanted booth were lengthy but worth it
to those that got their hands on it at gamescom. Die-hard fans said it was “the
best Need for Speed multiplayer ever.”

Press looks like they’re agreeing
too, as Most Wanted has racked up 7 nominations so far, including 3 Best of

  • Gamestar/GamePro – Best of Show nominee
  • Gamers Pack – Choice of Pack Nominee
  • Destructoid Best of Racing - nominee
  • Best of Show - nominee
  • IGN gamescoms 2012 people's choice – nominee
  • XGM Game of the Show - nominee
  • XBG Games – Best 360 game nominee


Stay tuned to this page as we’ll keep it updated as more
nominations and awards come through!