Most Wanted Multiplayer Trailer

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Most Wanted Multiplayer Trailer

August 13, 2012

You’re coming off the final straight on the highway, absolutely flying in your Koenigsegg Agera R, hitting 200+ mph with ease.

You see the old airfield full of broken bombers, fuselage skeletons, and snapped wings all perfectly aligned, begging you to jump them. You drift across the lanes, lining up your leap to victory.

Hitting the nitrous, you blast down the final hundred yards, a smile creeping across your face at the impending awesomeness.

Out of nowhere, a Hummer H1 T-bones you, sending your now-crumpled ride tumbling through the dirt.

You check the scores and see your best friend get the points for the Takedown and move ahead of you on the Most Wanted list.

Welcome to Most Wanted multiplayer.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Crash

It’s you against eleven of your friends in an ongoing fight for the coveted position at the head of your Most Wanted List.Can you handle the pressure?  Of course you can, you’ve got access to the world’s most incredible cars and the ability to Modify them to suit your driving style or the event you’re taking on.

Neeed for Speed Most Wanted SLS

It doesn’t matter what challenge is thrown at you – highest speed, longest drift or biggest jump or one of the many others – you’re prepared.

Need for Speed Most Wanted introduces 12-player multiplayer that is absolute mayhem and will have you cackling with laughter as you careen into friends, or throwing your fist in the air as you take first on the Most Wanted list.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Multiplayer

There are tons of events and challenges, giving you a multitude of ways to stick it to your friends, and everything you do will be tracked with Autolog ™ 2.0, so get ready!