Mod on the Fly with Kinect

Mod on the Fly with Kinect

September 05, 2012

Your heat level is rising, cops are everywhere, and they’re ruining the paint on your Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. You’re doing everything you can to get away, it’s frantic as you look for a muddy area where your truck excels and the cops would lose control.

Unfortunately, you’re on the highway and just can’t shake that Corvette cop car that’s nibbling at your heels. There’s no time to stop and switch cars, no time to find a cool down area.

Lucky for you, Most Wanted is Kinect enabled. BOOM!

Need a boost of nitrous? Or maybe add some strength to your chassis? Just say it! Instead of going through the EasyDrive scrolling through endless menu to add mods, in Most Wanted you can just say what you want.

For example, while you’re in your SVT Raptor, you can say “Mods, Nitrous, Burn Nitrous” and your car will instantly be equipped with an extra boost that you need.
Need some slicks for the asphalt? Easy: “Mods, Tires, Slicks” and off you go.

Kinect is an awesome feature to use when you just can’t be bothered to stop driving. And really, who wants to do that?