McLaren Beverly HIlls

McLaren Beverly HIlls

September 28, 2012

We recently had the chance to visit the McLaren Showroom in Beverly Hills.

This gave us the opportunity to experience the beauty of the MP4-12C first hand.

Driving from Pasadena to McLaren Beverly Hills gave us the chance to travel down the famous 110 Freeway and through Wilshire’s Miracle Mile. The scene was perfect with the most fitting background to checkout McLaren’s MP4-12C which is quickly becoming the new icon of speed, sophistication and style.

McLaren M7

McLaren’s roots go back to the 1960’s when Bruce McLaren founded a company dedicated to developing race cars and winning championships. This is still the focus of McLaren Racing Limited, but the focus of our visit was to look at the road cars that McLaren Automotive is producing.

Their first production car was the McLaren F1, with a top speed of 243 MPH. The F1 rightfully claimed the prestigious title of “fastest production car in the world” from 1998 to 2005.

The process to create the carbon fiber monocoque took 4,000 hours and only 106 were manufactured. But we didn’t visit Beverly Hills to see the F1; we came to see McLaren’s technological marvel, the MP4-12C.

Belly of the Beast

Thanks to innovations in injection molding, McLaren can now produce the carbon fiber monocoque in 3 hours and fifty minutes, which has allowed them to scale productions to over a thousand a year. They’re so dedicated to this project that they’ve built a new state-of-the-art factory to handle production.

Technicians at Work

Some details about the car continue to amaze us. The 12C’s 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo engine is capable of over 20 miles per gallon: pretty incredible for a car that’ll boot you to 60 in 3.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 207 mph.

The steering wheel is the exact same wheel used in their race cars but with 3 extra millimeters added to compensate for the absence of driving gloves. That’s attention to detail.

All the Things

And the list goes on.

We could tell you that the entire car is painted by hand and meticulously analyzed for blemishes, or that the hydraulic proactive chassis control, or talk about the addition of computer control break steering.

We could even talk about how the structural support of the carbon fiber monocoque allows them to make a convertible model that is only 88 pounds heavier than its hardtop sister, but we won’t.

MP4-12C Spyder

What we will talk about is McLaren have put together a dealership in Beverly Hills that feels more like a museum of priceless artifacts than a car showroom.

MP4-12C in Iconic McLaren Orange

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