iPhone Autolog App – Out Now!

iPhone Autolog App – Out Now!

November 23, 2012

It’s your game. On the go.

The brand new Most Wanted App is now ready for your iPhone, which means you can stay up-to-date with your Most Wanted friends, wherever you are.

And here are 6 great things you can do with it.


1. Check out your Most Wanted List

Any time, anywhere. You can see who's online, and with support for rich presence, you can even tell what they’re doing, whether it's browsing the Most Wanted list or ripping through Downtown.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone


2. Check out your profile

See your score, get your latest info, number plate and a timeline of all the action. You can also change your profile picture. This last part sounds simple, but it’s actually the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone

And it's well worth doing, because for every billboard where your jump distance dominates the SpeedWall, we’ll display your face in all your friends games.

Autolog Most Wanted Billboard


3. Get the latest news

That means everything we write here on the blog is delivered straight to your iPhone. If you’re reading this on the app. Thanks for joining us; we hope you’re enjoying Most Wanted!  You can even watch all the videos from our YouTube channel. That’s cool.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone


4. Compare your stats with your friends

Go head-to-head on anything and everything you’ve done in the game to see where your friends have snuck the points that put them ahead of your on your Most Wanted list.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone


5. Explore the Map and your SpeedLists

The only place you can see the full SpeedWall for every collectible or event in the game. It’s awesome.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone


6. Browse Autolog Recommendations

This is probably the coolest thing in the app. If you’re new to Most Wanted, Autolog is a system that tracks everything you do in the game,compares it with your friends and invites you to take on the latest, greatest and most hotly contested from all of Most Wanted. Tempted by one of Autolog’s recommendations in the App? You can pin it to play it later. It’ll be at the top of your Autolog Recommends list, the next time you play the game.

Most Wanted Autolog iPhoneMost Wanted Autolog iPhone


Love it? Want it? Great, because it’s free! Just head over to the iTunes App Store on your phone, search Need for Speed Autolog and bang it down.

Or if you’re a Need for Speed aficionado, and you already have the older version of Autolog, you should see a notification inviting you to update the app. Do this for the completely overhauled, everything’s new version we’ve just released.

Wondering what it's all about? Check out our free Most Wanted demo now!