Introducing: Toyota Supra

October 07, 2010

When we launched the car list for Need for Speed World there was one car which people noticed was missing straight away… The Toyota Supra. As soon as we read all the feedback we spoke with the car team and put the classic tuner right to the top of the list for the next car release.

Perhaps not as respected in North America as it should be due to our obsession with cubic inches, eight cylinders, dual exhaust and chrome, the Toyota Supra ranks up there with the Nissan Skyline and Acura NSX as one of the finest Japanese-produced sports cars ever.

A new Supra hasn’t rolled off the line since 2003 due to strict emission regulations in Japan and they were removed from production in North America five years earlier but still maintain a strong and vocal tuning community around the world.

"Put simply; the Supra is a work of automotive art. Its swooping, curvy lines were a welcome change from the boxy, unattractive vehicles which dominated the automotive landscape in the mid-1990s. A wild, whale-tail rear spoiler along with attractive circular rear lights accent the Supra’s striking exterior. IN a bid to reduce overall weight the aggressive spoiler on the rear is hollow.

Under the hood is where things really get interesting. The Supra is powered by a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo inline-6 that kicks out 320 horsepower. It runs zero-to-60 in an impressive 4.9 seconds, which is on par with many high-performance cars built today, including the Ford Mustang GT and Audi S4.