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Getting started with Most Wanted Multiplayer

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Getting started with Most Wanted Multiplayer

October 26, 2012

Start Your Engines: Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

When you get Most Wanted, and you’ve been through the tutorial, found a few cars and unlocked some mods, at some point, you'll want to try your luck against the world in Multiplayer.

Most Wanted online is unlike any online driving you've ever played before, so we thought we'd put together a quick guide to take you through the basics.

Step 1: From the EasyDrive Menu, select “Multiplayer” and you’ll be dropped into FreeDrive.

FreeDrive is time for you to select your car, and equip the proper mods. You’ll notice that your single player progression doesn’t carry over to Multiplayer, as you’ll have to earn SpeedPoints in Multiplayer to unlock new cars and mods.  Step 2: Find if you’re the hostIf you’re the first person to join you’re the host and that will appear in your EasyDrive menu. That means it’s up to you to start the SpeedList. TIP: Wait for at least a few players to join before starting. Remember, you can pick a preset SpeedList, or customize your own!

Step 2: Waiting for the host to start the race

If you aren’t the host, or you’re waiting for more people to join, take advantage of this time to rack up SpeedPoints! You can do this by crashing through fences, jumping through billboards, or smashing into other players.

Step 3: Begin the SpeedList

When the events begin, you will see a SpeedList across the top of your screen, informing you of what type of events are coming up. Your first objective will be to get to the meet-up so you can begin the first event. The first player to the meet-up gets bonus SpeedPoints.

Step 4: At the Meet-Up

When you arrive at the meet-up, feel free to take down other cars and earn extra SpeedPoints. Make sure not to stray too far from the meet-up as everyone needs to be there in order to start the first event. TIP: You can see if you’re in range of the meet-up when a check sign appears next to your name on the right. If you’re not you’ll see a green route highlighted on your map. Follow that to get to the meet up.

Step 5: GO! GO! GO!

When the event starts, check the ticker at the bottom of the screen for specific instructions on what you need to do. Some events are solo, others are team-based, make sure you check so you don’t take down a teammate accidentally. TIP: If you are competing in a solo or team race, when you finish, you can turn around and hit the other cars behind you, racking up more SP.

Step 6: To the next meet-up!

When one event finishes, you’ll see the results to the event displayed, then you’ll need to check the GPS to head to your next meet-up. Remember, the first there gets bonus SpeedPoints!

Step 7: Finishing a Speed List

When one SpeedList ends, the host can start another and the playing never stops!

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