Aventador: Drive Without Fear

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Aventador: Drive Without Fear

June 02, 2012

One of the stars of Most Wanted is Lamborghini’s latest V12 marvel – the Aventador. We thought we’d take some time to tell you a bit about it.

The Aventador takes Lamborghini performance to a new level. 700 horsepower. 217 miles-per-hour. 0-62 in 2.9 seconds. It’s brutally powerful and scary fast.

We love it.

As kids, our walls were adorned with Lamborghini’s classic Countach and Diablo, but the modern day Murcielago and most recently, the Aventador carry the same unmistakable DNA.

Everything from the iconic scissor doors to the epic V12 sound and awe-inspiring contours are instantly recognizable as Lamborghini. Surely it's the only car that can carry this wild colour scheme.

It’s not designed for off road performance, but All Wheel Drive delivers amazing stability.

To bring the Aventador to life in Most Wanted takes hundreds of hours of work from skilled software engineers here at Criterion Games, 3D artists and designers from all over the world. We believe the results speak for themselves.

But it’s not enough to capture the awesome looks and that unbelievable sound.

To do justice to the spirit of the Aventador, we wanted to make a game where you get to drive at as you always dreamed – without fear.

Most Wanted brings you Lamborghini experience like no other. It’s the Aventador on the street with your friends, hitting every corner sideways at 200 miles-per-hour. Take on the cops or fight to the finish line.

No other game brings you this close to the drama and excitement of Lamborghini.