Autolog: Profile and Stats

December 13, 2011

One of the best things about Autolog is that it allows you to track so much information about The Run

When you sign into Autolog, you're presented with your profile. Here you can see your level, icon, motto, and background. All are customizable in-game when using Autolog. 

Beneath that will be your current status in The Run. Your location, fastest time and current levels owned will be displayed. To the right you can scroll through your Run Time, most used car, and most popular photo. 

One of the best ways to tell how you stack up against the competition are the multiplayer stats. Here you can see your average position, number wins and number of podium finishes. It's impressive to have a lot of podiums, but the fastest guys get the wins too! 

It's great to see your average multiplayer position as well. Autolog allows you to to see if you're consistently at the head of the pack, or dropping behind. NFSDrew and NFSCoulter constantly use this as a deciding factor to see who is faster. 

There's also the ability to track how you're doing in Challenge Series. Your medals are displayed, along with your Speedwall accomplishments. 

Your photo gallery appears in a stream across the bottom, and under that you can see what unlocks and achievements you've got. 

Autolog has come a long way, and in Need for Speed The Run, it's amazing what it can do. Whether you're uber-competitive, or just want to see how you stack up, sign into Autolog and see everything it has to offer!