E3 Day 3 Wrap-Up

June 09, 2011

E3 has finally come to a close! The third and final day featured celebrity appearances and loads of enthusiasm from the fans toward Need for Speed The Run. The one constant theme throughout E3 has been how much action the demo is packed with. People playing the game for the first time were treated to car chases, helicopters and tons of explosions!

The demo literally left people breathless. On multiple occasions someone would finish, and immediately gasp for air.

One of those who really enjoyed the game was rapper and “Pimp My Ride” TV host, Xzibit. Followed by a small entourage, he took up the controls and promptly was blown up by the helicopter. Laughing, he restarted and took another shot. Throughout the whole thing, he was unable to wipe the smile off of his face. At the end, after narrowly escaping the oncoming train, he mentioned how he loved the way the story was woven into the gameplay, and that the action was absolutely non-stop.

In the morning we recorded a podcast which you’ll be hearing tomorrow, it also includes a special guest appearance, so make sure you tune in. We also recorded an interview with the lovely Need for Speed girls who have been fantastic to have around the booth this year.

During the afternoon, we headed over to Sony for a Live Stream to discuss The Run and some special perks you get when you buy on PS3. We also received a few more nominations from Gaming Excellence and GameSpy.

As E3 has closed its doors until next year, news about The Run is just getting started! Make sure to keep checking the Need for Speed The Run website as we’re constantly adding new information. Today we also released a great looking wallpaper which you can find here, and Drew has posted a photo album containing images from our final day on Facebook.

E3 has been a whirlwind and we’re thrilled about the excitement surrounding The Run. For those that were unable to attend, we hope the coverage has been satisfying and we look forward to bringing you more in the coming months!