NFSDrew is heading to PAX

September 23, 2009

NFSDrew here! I'm really excited to be able attend PAX this year.  This is the first time I've ever been.  I've been told that PAX is always good times and there's always some really cool things to see there.While I'm there, I'll be manning the Need for Speed booth showing people NFS SHIFT and NFS Nitro.  However, I do plan to venture out and check out the rest of the show.  I mean, how could I go down there and not check out the show?!?If you're planning to attend, you should definitely make a point to stop by the Need for Speed booth and check out the games.  I just might have something cool for you if you do stop by...You can expect some blogs from me telling you about my experience of the show as well as some tweets ( whenever I see something cool.Off to PAX!!- NFSDrew