A New Tier 1 Contender!

A New Tier 1 Contender!

April 17, 2012

The Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T was a great looking FWD sport compact from the 90’s.  Making 210hp in stock trim is great, but our “Elite” Eclipse is outfitted with race parts to gain you some extra ponies. 

This fully custom model has had the roof, pillars and rear hatch replaced with carbon fibre. The new and aggressive front fascia, which also incorporates a carbon fibre center element framing the custom built intercooler, features new LED driving lamps. If that is not enough carbon fibre for you, there are also carbon fibre splitters at the front bumper, as well as along the side skirts, leading to an oversized carbon rear diffuser. All of these custom parts nicely reduce the overall weight, which directly translates into precise handling!

Have you ever wanted to show off your engine? Now you can, as this fully custom “Elite” features a large transparent panel in your hood, exposing the highly tuned engine and its compartment. 

Probably one of the coolest car features ever introduced into NFS World, owners of this “Elite” will be able to press “K” on their keyboard to trigger two massive sub-woofers placed in the trunk! You can press “K” and listen to your custom beat while racing, or simply park your ride and play your beats while chatting and gathering with your friends!

Add this massively unique Tier 1 “Elite” to your garage! Now available in the Car Dealer!