Wednesday's Most Frequently Asked Questions!

November 16, 2011

We answer tons of questions about The Run everyday, and in order to help save you time, we're going to answer our most frequently asked questions in blogs! If you still have questions, see our full FAQ for The Run here. 

Today's FAQs: 

What are the supported wheels in The Run? My XBOX controller isn't working on PC!

Need for Speed The Run officially supports the following steering wheels:

Generally all steering wheels based on the PS3 controller will function in NFS The Run. Wheels will need to be configured / mapped in game.

Xbox 360
We officially support the Microsoft wheel.

For PC we support all X input or Direct X compatible controllers, in other words, they’ll all work and will need to be configured in the game.

Note: For players using wireless XBOX controllers, we are looking into this, but we do support wired XBOX controllers. 

For Wii we support the Mario Kart wheel and compatible.

Is the career short in The Run?

For most players, the single-player campaign in The Run will take around 6 hours to complete; with Challenge Series, Autolog and Multiplayer, the game play has no end. 

Is there customization in The Run?

Yes, there is car customization in NFS The Run.  Players will be able to customize the car’s body kits and paint.  In addition to the customization, each car has 2 – 3 unlockable kits designed by the Black Box Car team that are unlocked as you progress through The Run and complete Challenge Series.  There are also “Need for Speed Edition” cars that players can unlock throughout the game.  These are performance tuned to be able to compete with almost any car in The Run.

I saw Need for Speed The Run is out already in North America and other countries, when will Need for Speed The Run be out in Europe (Worldwide)?

The Run will be out worldwide this Friday, November 18th!