August 16, 2011

We’ve been in Germany for a few days but now it’s safe to say things have finally begun! Today EA had its press conference and there were tons of new trailers, screenshots, and surprises!

Need for Speed The Run showed a gorgeous moment in the game, but there were also some incredible other titles on hand.

FIFA 12 and the just announced FIFA Street look like a blast, with all new dribbling and contact engines. Star Wars: The Old Republic showed off some multiplayer footage that was jaw-dropping. One of the holiday’s most anticipated titles, Battlefield 3 showed off a co-op mode and a new trailer featuring a multiplayer map with all kinds of vehicles, including fighter jets! It looked absolutely insane!

However, when Need for Speed The Run took the stage, our very own NFSDrew was there to show off his epic driving skills. It began with Executive Producer Jason DeLong walking on stage following a trailer depicting Jack’s dire situation and his need to get across the country to win the $25 million dollar payout.

A montage of high speed exotics racing through the desert, snow, highways and city streets were interspersed with incredible stunts and explosions, all weaving the purpose of Jack’s journey across the US.

Jason DeLong came on stage to describe that there are more than 300 kilometers of road in The Run, featuring over 200 racers and tons of environments. He introduced a new gameplay segment that places Jack at Independence Pass, a snowy mountain road that’s been blocked off due to avalanche blasting (where explosives are fired at the hills to break up snow). As Jack contemplates his next move, an Audi R8 comes flying past him, crashing through the warning signs and making a mad dash through the dangerous terrain.

At risk of losing precious time, Jack has no choice but to jump in his stunning orange BMW M3 GTS and take off after the Audi.

For this segment, NFSDrew took the stage and proceeded to put on a driving clinic. Using some of the most honed and legendary skills in racing, Drew dodged falling trees, massive snow banks, and enormous boulders to eventually sneak into a tunnel right as the avalanche came crashing down on him!

It was an epic moment and the crowd thundered its applause. You could feel the tension as Jack nearly was wiped out multiple times by the dangerous elements, and the emphatic cheering signaled the crowd’s approval.

The press conference has ended, and you can now find the trailer on YouTube and our Facebook page, as well as all the upcoming coverage from Gamescom this week!

We’ve also put up a photo album from the event, so make sure to check those out as well.

Gamescom has barely gotten underway, but if the next week is anything as exciting as today, we’re in for a fantastic ride!