For a Limited Time Only, Get at Least 35% Off SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED!

August 01, 2011

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED is the most truly realistic and immersive racing game on the market. Now it can be yours for at least 35% off when you buy it on Origin

Intensely authentic physics and true-to-life degradation of cars and tracks, plus an eye-watering sense of speed combine with the all-new helmet camera to let you feel every scrape and impact in your all-out fight to the finish line. Whether you're battling for position on the Nurburgring, perfecting a drift course, or competing in a Time Attack challenge, everything is tracked through the improved Autolog system enabling you to share and compare career stats, driver profiles, pictures, videos, and personal bests with your friends in real-time.

Now is the perfect time to get it, all you have to do is click the link and enter "Unleashed35" at checkout! Don't forget that PC DLC is free and we're frequently giving away codes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! 

Remember, the offer ends on August 7th at midnight!