Autolog Recommends: Challenge Your Friends!

December 08, 2011

As we continue to dive deeper into Autolog and all the incredible features it has, we can't overlook Recommendations. As you and your friends play Need for Speed The Run, Autolog's powerful comparison engine keeps track of what you do and serves up gameplay suggestions. For example, if a friend knocks you out of first place on a SpeedWall, you'll probably seen a recommendation letting you know that you should race to regain your top spot.

In the game, to see who has thrown down the gauntlet, push the BACK / SELECT button to bring up Autolog, then scroll over to Recommends, and see who you need to take down next! 

You can stay on top of your latest recommendations out of the game, too. On the web, our brand new Facebook app, or any mobile browser, you can always see your most recent Autolog Recommendations, and you can even "bookmark" your favourite ones to stay pinned to the top of the list for the next time you're playing the game.