GamesCom Wrap-Up Day 3

Another day at GamesCom 2011 has come and gone.  Before we get into today's events we wanted to give everyone a chance to check out Need for Speed The Run at the GamesCom EA Press Conference.  If you didn't get a chance to attend the conference or catch it on the Live Stream don't fret...just press play on the video above.

Today Coulter and I didn't spend a lot of time on the show floor.  Instead we spent the day up in the EA Community Lounge where we had a variety of activities going on for almost the entire day.

We kicked off the day in the EA business Lounge where we had the opportunity to sit in on a behind closed door presentation of The Run.  In the room members of the press got a chance to get races in on Desert Hills and the just unveiled Independence Pass.  It was super fun to see everyone's reaction when they drove on snow and ice after racing on the usual concrete roads.  They were absolutely amazed when they realized just how big of a difference it is to drive on the different terrain.  We can't wait for all of you to get your hands on it and try it out for yourselves!

After we got out of the presentation Coulter and I made our way up to the Community Lounge but we made sure to take a tour of the GamesCom show floor on our way.  Not sure if you know but GamesCom isn't open to the public until Thursday and usually it's not too busy that day.  This was not the case this year; it was absolutely packed in there today.  By 10:30am there was already a huge line up for people to try out The Run!  I've never seen it so packed on a Thursday and can't even imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow and through the weekend.

After traversing the show floor Coulter and I finally made it up to the Community Lounge, taking half an hour longer then it should have, and started kicking off our days activities.  We first started off with a Need for Speed World Live Chat.  Senior Producer John Doyle and Coulter fist unveiled a brand new NFS World trailer and answered community questions for almost an hour.  While they we busy with that, The Run Executive Producer Jason De Long and I were busy giving members of the NFS community an hour long presentation on game.  We started off with me giving a 30 minute presentation on The Run then Jason answered community questions for the last 30 minutes.  After the presentation NFS World was finished with their Live Chat so Jason and I sat down for The Run's Live Chat.

We started The Run's chat with a showing of the Buried Alive trailer.  Afterwards we had a live demo of the Independence Pass level while Jason spoke a little bit about it.  Afterwards Jason answered questions for another 20 minutes.  We had some really great questions from the community!

Immediately after The Run's Live Chat we had another chat with Burnout CRASH! Creative Director Richard Franke.  He showed a live demo showing off a couple of the games modes you'll find in the game then answered questions for another 20 minutes.  I have to give Richard a special shout out because during his live demo of the Pile Up game mode he set the biggest score I've ever seen in the game!  I've been playing that game a lot in the past month and he blew away my best score.

We're going to be posting the videos from all the Live Chat in the coming week so don't worry if you missed out.  Each chat has a lot of good information about each one of those games so we'll post them up as soon as we can.

After we finished all the chats Coulter and I got a chance to chill out with a bunch of Need for Speed community site admins who I haven't had a chance to see in person for a few months.  We just sat back, played some races and just chatted about Need for Speed.  Nice way to wind down a very exciting day.

We've got a photo album up on the Need for Speed Facebook page with a bunch of photos from the days events as well of some shots of the very busy show floor.  Tomorrow Coulter and I are going on a road trip so definitely be sure to be following us on Twitter and Facebook...