Need for Speed Soundtrack Announced!

November 06, 2011

We're only days away from The Run! While we're still rolling out the final car unveils, we wanted you to see what songs you'll be listening to as you speed across the United States. 

However, unlike previous Need for Speed titles, the soundtrack isn't a jukebox or radio that just plays songs as you go. 

The soundtrack reflects our main character Jack's experiences and races. It's an integral part of the story of the game.  The songs are seamlessly combined with a full score by Hollywood composer Brian Tyler ("Fast Five, Battle for Los Angeles") to create the ultimate Need for Speed music experience.  The soundtrack is strongly influenced by American regional styles, reflecting the San Francisco to New York race.

In other words, depending on where you are in the game, you'll hear different songs to match the location, intensity, and mood of The Run!

Pretty cool, huh?

Here is the list of songs:

ARTIST                                                  SONG
Black Keys                                           Lonely Boy
Black Lips                                             The Lie
Black Pistol Fire                                 Trigger On My Fire
Brian Jonestown Massacre          The Way it Was
BRMC                                                    Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Canned Heat                                      On the Road Again
Dan Auerbach                                   Heartbroken, In Disrepair
Dead Weather                                  Treat me Like Your Mother
Donovan                                              Riki Tiki Tavi
Endless Boogie                                  Empty Eye
Gary Clark Jr.                                      Don't Owe You A Thang
Girls Against Boys                            Bulletproof Cupid 
Handsome Furs                                Damage
London Souls                                     the Sound
Lykke Li                                                Get Some
Mastodon                                           Curl Of The Burl 
Middle Class Rut                               Alive or Dead
Ministry                                               NWO
Red Fang                                             Prehistoric Dog
Reverend horton Heat                  Big Red Rocket of Love
Rival Sons                                            Save Me
The Black Angels                              Better off Alone
Unkle Feat. Nick Cave                    Take the Money and Run
Ritmo Machine                                 La Calle
MonstrO                                              Solar