Insert Coin - Final Designs

Insert Coin - Final Designs

August 19, 2012

We've teamed up with Insert Coin, the leading name in high quality gaming apparel, to produce the 'Most Wanted' tee. We could have just gone with the design that we liked but then that would not have been any fun. So we've asked them to come up with 5 iconic designs inspired by Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Every day during gamescom we posted a new design for your approval on our Facebook page. There's just one day left to vote for your favourite design so click below to 'like' your favourite.

Check out our first design 'Welcome to Fairhaven City'

Check out our second 'Most Wanted' tee design from Insert Coin, 'Fairhaven University'

Check out our third 'Most Wanted' tee design from Insert Coin, law enforcement in Fairhaven City - 'FCPD'

Check out our fourth tee design from Insert Coin, reserved for the 'Most Wanted'

Check out our final 'Most Wanted' tee design from Insert Coin, show your support for the men & women of 'Fairhaven City Police Department'

We are making an exclusive batch of these high quality tee's - so make sure you are following @EA_ActionMan on Twitter or Sign-Up to our insider newsletter for details on how you have the chance of getting one!