10,000,000 Facebook Fans!

10,000,000 Facebook Fans!

November 22, 2012

5 Million? Pfft, Double it! Need for Speed has the best fans in the world! We have just hit 10 Million Likes on Facebook and couldn’t more excited!

Over the past three years, the page hasn’t stopped growing and shows no signs of slowing down!

With the launch of Most Wanted upon us, it seems like there is a lot going on, but we want to take a moment and thank you, the fans, for talking with us and engaging on a daily basis.

It makes everything we do that much more meaningful when you have so many fans to interact with. Just like you, we love cars, and we love video games. Being able to talk about both with the fans every day has been fantastic for us. We embrace all of the feedback, opinions and compliments that are posted on our page.

Like so many fan pages, we started with just a few fans in August of 2009, and from there the page has grown exponentially! We hit our first million in January 2011, then suddenly the page exploded! It only took two more months to hit 2 million! In December we were already up to 5 million, and today, less than a year later, we’ve already doubled it!

Our fans our fantastic!  Some of the posts you guys loved the most were just us showcasing some cool cars, like at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, or this photo of the Pagani Huayra which had over 15,000 shares!


We also introduced weekly challenges like “Guess the Car” which you guys seem to love (and so do we!).

McLaren MP4-12C

(It's a McLaren MP4-12C, by the way. But then, you already know that.)

We’re looking forward to showing you more in the future, as well as some awesome Most Wanted content!

With Most Wanted, we hope everyone enjoys what’s been worked on for the past couple of years and has an absolute blast tearing about in the world of Fairhaven. Thank you once again, and here’s to 20 million! The Need for Speed Team.