September 02, 2009

I'm a DC fanboy. I grew up reading comic books and if anyone asked me if I was a Marvel guy or a DC guy, it was DC hands down. I'm sure there are valid arguments on both sides, but for me, no character captured my imagination like Batman and Superman.There was a brief time between 007: Everything or Nothing and NFS: Most Wanted that a few of us desperately wanted to make a Batman game. I mean, he really is kind of like James Bond. Cool vehicles, gadgets and Gotham would make a great open world to explore. That wasn't meant to be as we were destined to make NFS: Most Wanted into the biggest NFS experience to date. No complaints there.Last year, however, I heard that a Batman game was being made based on Arkham Asylum. My fanboy instincts kicked in. I started checking out the previews and watching its progression.Well the game is finally out and I had to pick it up. So hasn't disappointed. I chose the PS3 version for the sole fact that you can also play as the Joker. Bonus points! Finally, a true Batman experience that does the character justice. The artist and game maker in me tends to pick apart the visuals at times, but those can be easily overlooked. Kudos to Rocksteady Games for making me FEEL like Batman!Now if only I could drive the Batmobile. Sure they show it in the opening sequence, but that's it. It's understandable, since you don't need a car when fighting your way through an asylum filled with Batman's baddest baddies. HOWEVER, thanks to some great NFS fans, you CAN drive the Batmobile in NFS: Most Wanted! NFS Cars is a great place to preview and download some custom creations by some diehard NFS fans. I was really impressed when I saw this model. There's a red version too, complete with Batman logo in the menu, but I wouldn't feel like Batman if I drove a red car.   Originally made by Bob Robert and converted to NFS: Most Wanted by McLaren_3Dcm. Post screenshots if you have more!That's it for now. The inmates are running the asylum and I've got to put on the Bat-suit.