NFSW Maintenance Window - April 17

NFSW Maintenance Window - April 17

April 17, 2012


The purpose of this maintenance window is to deploy server / a game patch to Need for Speed World. Please see Release Notes below. 


April 17th, 2012


3 hours

Start: 1pm (13:00) PDT -- 4pm (16:00) EDT -- 8pm (20:00) UTC

End: 4pm (16:00) PDT -- 7pm (19:00) EDT – 11pm (23:00) UTC

Affected Users:

During the maintenance window, the servers will be offline and users will not able to log in and play Need for Speed World. Players who are already logged in and playing NFS World will be disconnected from the server and therefore, disconnected from the game.

New Features:

-  An all new 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse (Elite) has been added to the game and is available for purchase from the Car Dealer

-  Exclusive to the 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse (Elite), an aftermarket sound system can be activated by pressing the ‘K’ key

Bug Fixes/Changes:

-  Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash when viewing certain Driver Profiles

-  Fixed an issue with the Porsche 911 GT2’s wheel geometry