Announcing the NFS World Beta Community Race

June 02, 2010

We're announcing this a couple days in advance so as many Need for Speed World beta players as possible know about it and are able to get their times in, so here goes the first World Community Race of the new beta! The first race begins at 9AM PST this Saturday and goes for one hour, ending at 10AM PST, with different races for different skill levels. The second race is on Monday, starting again at 9AM PST and running until 10AM PST.

To enter, complete any of the races, take a screenshot of the post-race screen and e-mail it to In total, there will be 40 winners, with the top 10 from each race getting a code for some additional SpeedBoost, valid until the end of the beta.

DAY: Saturday, June 5th
LOW LEVEL: Silverton Way
HIGH LEVEL: Rockridge & Union
TYPE: Sprint

DAY: Monday, June 7th
LOW LEVEL: North Road
HIGH LEVEL: Rosewood Park Loop
TYPE: Circuit