Ferrari is Back

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Ferrari is Back

October 31, 2013

For the first time in seven years, Ferrari has returned to Need for Speed. We’ve been apart a few years, but the motivation to find the fastest cars and put them to fastest roads led us back into a speedy partnership. Turns out, Ferrari has a need for speed and today we welcome a half dozen of the most desirable cars on the planet into Need for Speed Rivals. The legacy of Ferrari and Need for Speed is a lengthy one spanning over 19 years and 23 Ferraris. Not only do they look great, but they perform at an incredible level, making them a favorite over the years with Need for Speed.

It’s a tryst that began with the Ferrari 512TR in Need for Speed in 1994. Shortly after, in Need for Speed II, the 355 F1 Coupe and the iconic F50 joined the ranks. Need for Speed III saw the 355 FI Spider, the 456M GT, and the 550 Maranello and knew it was more than just a fling. After those years, Ferrari has graced the games throughout various titles; most notably the 599 GTB in the Ferrari Racing Series DLC in Need for Speed: Shift.

Over the years, Need for Speed has cultivated a prestigious list of high-performance cars with Ferrari being an important part of that. Finding the world’s fastest cars to satiate our need for speed is no small task and we’ve settled for nothing less than the best.

We’re beyond excited to have Ferrari joining the ranks of Cops and Racers once again in Need for Speed Rivals. With a full roster of Ferraris in store, there’s no telling the incredible moments players can create behind the wheel of these beautifully engineered supercars.

When it comes to facing your Rival, you’ll have no shortage of fast cars to choose from but there’s something special about how it feels to conquer your competition in one of these rides. Just be sure to wipe that ridiculous grin off your face when you’re picking your Rivals off one by one.

Here’s is the Ferrari lineup in Need for Speed Rivals:

FF 2012
458 Italia
458 Spider
F12 Berlinetta

Which one will you hit the streets in? Send us a tweet to @NeedforSpeed with your answer using #needforferrari