E3 Day 1 Wrap-Up

June 08, 2011

The official Day 1 of E3 is now complete! It feels like we’re finishing up already with so much that’s happened, but we’re just getting started. Today, thousands of people burst through the doors to the LA Convention Center and got their hands on Need for Speed The Run for the first time, and their response was overwhelmingly positive! Countless times, someone would finish the demo and immediately exhale with a rush of adrenaline. They would be so caught up in the game that they would forget to breathe! People were nudging their buddies and pointing to the screen, saying things like, “Did you see that? That was awesome!”.

For those lucky enough to experience the hands-on demo, they were treated to Jack (our hero) driving in a cop car with a mob helicopter shooting at him as he tries to escape Chicago. Desperately trying to stay out of the helicopter’s spotlight (and bullets), the player weaves in and out of packed city streets, eventually crashing on train tracks, forcing a desperate escape. It was great to see the different levels of accessibility in the game, as non-gamers could pick up the controller and play right away, but experienced racers were rewarded with proper driving physics for the Ford Shelby Super Snake.

Anyone that completed the demo in under 3 minutes was given a sweet Need for Speed USB drive in the shape of a key. For those of you not lucky anough to be at E3 this year (like NFSKirk and NFSGreg ;-) we've set aside a bunch of these keys and are giving them away on Twitter every day this week. Another exciting piece of news was that the game itself was nominated for Best of E3 by Game Informer and Multiplayer.it! (and we can't wait for other noms to roll in)

We also filmed an interview with Executive Producer Jason DeLong which you will be seeing tomorrow, but to hold you over, check out the live Q&A we did with Justin Weibe on EA.com. He breaks down 8 minutes of gameplay while answering your questions, so definitely take a look! Lastly, if you want more of the E3 experience, hop on over to our Facebook page and see our Day 1 photo album featuring all kinds of action.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come tomorrow!