Fredric Aasbo Finishes in the Top 8 at Formula D Long Beach

April 10, 2011

Team Need for Speed driver Fredric Aasbo finishes a very strong 8th place in Round 1 of the 2011 Formula Drift season.

Thousands of fans from all over the world watched on the internet as he piloted the brand new Team Need for Speed Scion tC in tandem competition. In a rare feat, Fredric knocked out a higher qualifier by a huge margin. John Russakoff held Fredric off for two runs, but when the judges called a "one more time" battle, John had an unfortunate meet and greet with some tire barriers. Everyone's favorite Norwegian driver automatically moved on to the top 16 bracket.

In the top 16, Fredric went head-to-head against Formula D veteran Tyler McQuarrie. It was a very close match, but Tyler could not keep up with Aasbo's giant heavy foot.

Last year, Fredric knocked out 2009 champion Chris Forsberg in the top 16 with his Toyota Supra. Chris returned the favor by knocking him out of the top 8 bracket, after Fredric made a mistake on his lead run.

Its good to see Fredric going out with guns blazing in the first round of competition. Hopefully he can keep the momentum going for round 2 in Atlanta, Georgia.