Need for Speed Most Wanted



The Supercar Redefined

Come on. Admit it. You thought electric cars were for tree-hugging hippies. You figured they weren’t about performance, style or luxury. You had electric pegged as “not for me”. Well, you thought wrong. American auto outfit – Tesla – made their explosive debut on the world automotive stage with 2008’s extraordinary Tesla Roadster. This technological marvel boasts supermodel good looks, plush interior and 295 lb/ft of torque all the way though from zero to 5,400 RPM. In layman’s terms, you get full power the second you hit the throttle, and it never lets up. The needle flicks past 60 in 3.7 seconds and doesn’t stop until you reach 125 miles-per-hour. That’s motorcycle fast. And way more fun, when it rains. The car’s small, fast and agile – your perfect choice in Most Wanted to make fools of the cops, destroy your friends’ records and look great doing it. Electric is amazing. Trust us: the game’s called Most Wanted, and the Tesla Roadster is exactly that.

Engine specifications
375 volt AC induction
295 lb/ft.
0-62 mph
Top Speed