Porsche 918 Spyder


I Am Electric!

Need for Speed Most Wanted featured the concept version of the Porsche 918 Spyder, Porsche's state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid supercar. For our Terminal Velocity download pack, we're making the 2013 production version of the car available alongside a brand new location, and although the car looks quite similar, practically every detail has changed for the production model, from the carbon aerodynamic scoops and flicks on the rear to the light clusters, to the exhausts ports in the top of the car. Don’t worry: it’s still sporting hybrid plug-in tech, carbon fiber reinforced plastic chassis and 4.6 liter racing V8 and twin electric motors that have made it a favorite among Most Wanted players, and it’ll still deliver a sensational 770 bhp and crank 553 lb/ft of torque. We can now confirm, it’ll do 0-60 in about 3 seconds and lap "The Ring" in 7:14; that's 18 seconds faster than a Carrera GT! That performance is pretty amazing, but on a car capable 78.41 mpg and 70 g/km CO2 emissions, it's practically unbelievable. The wild liveries you see in Most Wanted are known as the "Salzburg Liveries" and hark back to the fluid, art deco stylings of the mighty 917 Le Mans car.

To get your hands on the 918 Spyder, you'll need to download the Terminal Velocity Pack and beat the all-new Most Wanted List event.

Engine specifications
553 LB/FT
0-60 mph