Need for Speed Most Wanted

Nissan Skyline GT-R


The Ultimate Tuner Car

The R34 Skyline is widely regarded as the ultimate tuner car. Although it's graced the gameplay of numerous Need for Speed games, nowhere was it more recognised than in the original tuner game - Need for Speed Underground. It's also the forerunner to one of the most popular cars in Most Wanted, the 2011 GT-R Egoist, so when we put together the car list for our "Need for Speed Heroes" DLC pack, the R34 was a shoe-in. The Skyline has been a tuner favorite for years: it delivers practically the biggest bang-for-your-buck of any car in history, but it's the '99 car that really shines, thanks to an overwhelming amount of after-market support. Oh, and that epic performance: 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and a sub 8-minute Nurburgring lap is pretty wild for a practical and reliable saloon. The Skyline's use of high-end computer technology to aid performance and light up the dash make it the defining car for the PlayStation generation, and Most Wanted fans can look forward to a solid all-rounder, benefiting from rapid acceleration, robust handling, solid build and versatile all-wheel-drive, in addition to knowing glances from Need for Speed and tuner aficionados across the globe. To get the R34 Skyline, just download the Need for Speed Heroes pack for Most Wanted.

Engine specifications
293 LB/FT
0-60 mph
Top Speed
155 mph (electronically limited)