Need for Speed Most Wanted

Ford Fiesta ST


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Need for Speed is about stamping on the gas, knocking the back-end out and ripping it down the open road, cops in pursuit. Italian exotics, French hypercars, American muscle, Japanese street racers; we've got the lot. So you might wonder why we'd include the diminutive Ford Fiesta ST in our Terminal Velocity download pack, a car you're more likely to own than dream of. Well, that's kind of the point. The Fiesta is a car practically anyone could own. And while it won't deliver Veyron-grade high speed, Zonda handling or BMW M3 versatility, it's a truly spectacular car in its own right. Ford's tiny hatchback is powered by their 2.0L Duratec engine and packs 150bhp, taking you to 129 mph. And while Most Wanted is about bringing you the cars of your dreams, we thought you might enjoy a dream drive in a car you might seriously buy. It's you, your friends and the cops on the loose in our brand new "Terminal Velocity" airport location, surely the perfect test drive.

Engine specifications
0-60 mph