Need for Speed Most Wanted

BMW 1 Series M


The Legend Continues

We'd buy pretty much anything with an M Series badge on it: groceries, stationary, tea, high-end sports cars. BMW's Motorsport Division have been cranking out perfectly balanced, high performance sports saloons for more than 40 years giving the M brand massive credibility. Track-inspired cars like the 1978 M1, the E30 M3 and the 2001 M Coupe are the stuff of legend, and we still remember the M3 GTR from the original Most Wanted as one of the defining cars of the series. Among the greats stands 2011's 1M, the smallest and least expensive M Series you can buy. And it's an absolute belter: a 3.0-litre, rear-wheel-drive, straight six that'll take off like a rocket and gift you sensational track handling while also comfortably ferrying your kids to school. It might be the perfect do-everything car. And once your kids are safely at school, hit the M button on the steering wheel to boost throttle response and let her rip.

Get the BMW 1 Series M in the 'Terminal Velocity' DLC Pack.

Engine specifications
0-60 mph
Top Speed
155 mph (electronically limited)